Sunflower Arena Shirt

Sunflower Arena Shirt

If the size you need is out of stock add a 'Back in Stock' request and I wil let you know when the next order is on its way.


Lightweight Arena Shirts, made from 100% Polyester that is stretchy and lets the breeze through! Sewn from the third button down so no accidental buttons popping or getting caught on the horn of your saddle. Simply pull on like a shirt and button up the top buttons, magic!


Long sleeves so you can be stretched out grabbing that rein you dropped around the second drum and still not have your wrists showing and long enough when you bend over to boot up your horse your shirt won't pull out of your jeans 😎


Limited run of designs, most will be a once off order so no mass-produced shirts every man and his dog has 😏


Free yourself from those restrictive riding shirts and grab one our lightweight shirts!


– Extra length in the back and front

– Enhanced breathability

– Moisture wicking

– Quick drying

– Stain resistant

– Shrink resistant

– Antimicrobial

– 100% polyester

– Stretch flex comfort

– Wrinkle resistant

– Machine washable

– Designed in Australia for Australian conditions


Sizing is as follows:



















Polyester Fabric : One of the qualities that consumers are looking for fabric is its breathability. It means that these fabrics can allow air to flow through its fibres easily. This feature can speed up the sweat to evaporate, providing a cooler and more comfortable feeling. Polyester is a famous fabric in the workout and active clothing line because of its lightweight and breathable structures. It is breathability that contributes to being a water-repellent material, making the skin's moisture evaporates quickly. The soaking feeling doesn't stay in the fabric, producing a relaxing feeling regardless of the wearer's sweat.