Hidez Hood Bling

Hidez Hood Bling

💎💎Bling Bling 


The Hidez Compression Hood works on the facial pressure points to help promote calmness and focus in nervous, unsettled, or anxious horses. It can also help increase poll flexion and provide relief for chronic Temporomandibular Joint Disease (TMJ) soreness.

Minature : Small 6-7HH, Medium 7-8HH, Large 8-9HH


Small Horse: Small 8-9HH,   Medium 9-10HH


Shetland: Small 10-11HH, Medium 11-12HH


Pony: Small 11-12HH, Medium 12-13HH, Large 13-14HH


Horse: Small 14-15HH, Medium 15-16HH, Large 16-17HH, XL 17-18HH XXL 18-19HH XXXL 19-20HH